Corporate identity development

от 4 000 грн.

Implementation term: from 14 working days

- 10 % discount

on your website design

Corporate identity (style) is a holistic visualization of the company style, a set of graphic elements that are simultaneously used on all the company presentation products (business card, envelope, form, catalogue, HTML letters, etc.).

The development of corporate identity is necessary for the recognition of the company, formation of the image, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Corporate identity development stages:


  • Brief analysis;
  • Concept formation;
  • Selection of colour and font solutions;
  • Drafts according to the approved concept;
  • Approval and final edits.

Basic Corporate Identity Development:

  • Business cards of company employees;
  • Letterhead;
  • Company envelopes and folders;
  • Presentation;
  • HTML letter template.


Additional charge for:

  • Naming and logo development;
  • Promotional products;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Packaging products;
  • Corporate clothes;
  • Branding of transport;
  • Website design.