Website design development

от 4 000 грн.

with a box
for free! ;)

From the very beginning of our activity, we are categorically against the use of “one size fits all” solutions, even despite their huge number.

In our practice, we have seen the same sites many times, while one could sell air conditioners, and another could sell baby food.


Remember that a good website design:


  • Distinguishes among the competitors;
  • Emphasizes uniqueness and subject matter;
  • Sets the tone and mood;
  • Emphasizes the status;
  • Forms the image;
  • Gains and holds;
  • Spur into action;
  • Makes the website recognizable.

Basic Website Design Development:

  • Coordination of the website layout structure;
  • Sketch of the main pages of the website (up to 8 pages);
  • Image processing (up to 5 pcs.);
  • Making a layout in Adobe Illustrator;
  • Making minor edits;
  • Making a layout for tablets;
  • Layout for mobile version.


Additional charge for:

  • Design from the boss!;
  • Design of additional pages;
  • Design of additional elements;
  • Selection of dream images;
  • Another change of colour solution;
  • I want to work with the designer;
  • Let's try again!.