Online business card

от 10 000 грн.

Implementation term: from 20 working days

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Online business card is a small website from 1 to 10 pages, which is of a presentational nature and contains basic information about the company, its products and services, and provides a possibility to download the price list.

Online business card is suitable for both small and medium businesses.

The purpose of such a page is to familiarize the potential customer with the company products and/or its services.


Modern online business card site contains capture forms:


  • Request a call back;
  • Online chat;
  • Application for the price list;
  • Application for ordering services;
  • Feedback form;
  • And much more.

Basic Online Business Card Development:

  • Basic design (not template);
  • Adaptive layout and cross-browser compatibility;
  • Convenient content management system (CMS);
  • Basic website content up to 5 pages;
  • Basic SEO optimization;
  • Testing;
  • Configuration of contact forms and online chat;
  • Website map + Google Analytics;
  • Google Adwords contextual targeting setting.


Additional charge for:

  • Analysis of business and competitors;
  • Copywriting and site content;
  • Animation and UX;
  • A/B testing;
  • E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook AC.