Naming. Name development

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The process of naming (name development) a company, a brand, a product or a service is primarily a creative process and therefore it is long and complicated, and requires a lot of attention.

This process is also accompanied by checking and testing on consumers, that allows to achieve uniqueness and increase the chances for success.


Several criteria that should be met when naming:


  • Uniqueness (+ check for the presence of TM);
  • Advertising appeal (originality, brevity, aesthetics ...);
  • Positioning and matching the idea;
  • Testing.

Basic Name Development:

  • Market, competitor and consumer analysis;
  • Name option generation;
  • Selection and provision of 4 options of the name + descriptions;
  • Check for uniqueness;
  • Check for the presence of the domain;
  • Visualization.


Additional charge for:

  • Additional name options;
  • Additional description;
  • Check for the presence of the registered TM;
  • Testing in focus groups;
  • Trademark registration.