Logo development

от 3 500 грн.

Implementation term: from 7 working days

- 10% discount

on your website design

The process of logo development, as well as naming, is a creative process and also requires a lot of attention.

Like the brand/company name, the logo distinguishes the company from other competitors. When creating a logo, we do not apply any rules, but do not forget about picturesqueness, recognition, compliance with the scope of activities and uniqueness.


Logo development stages:


  • Brief analysis;
  • Concept formation;
  • Selection of colour and font solutions;
  • Drafts according to the approved concept;
  • Approval and final edits.

Basic Logo Development:

  • Formation of 2 concepts;
  • Selection of colour and font solutions;
  • Production of 3 options;
  • Transferring files in the format .ai, .png, .jpg;
  • Inversion.


Additional charge for:

  • Development of additional concepts;
  • Development of additional options;
  • Customer's presence during the development;
  • Additional colour solutions;
  • Additional language versions;
  • Testing in focus groups.